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Golden Tapestry


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This site explains the Golden Tapestry project which is aimed at Primary Schools and encourages them to work on their Art & Design.

Learning and Teaching Resources

The Golden Tapestry encourages schools in the Commonwealth to create a metre square textile piece that shows different aspects of their lives, interests and experience.

Linking Schools

Schools in the UK can form a link with schools in another Commonwealth country and the Golden Tapestry project provides a means of developing their relationship. Working with textiles features in the National Curriculum breadth of study for Key Stage 2 Design Technology.

Supporting the Citizenship Curriculum

The global dimension offered by The Golden Tapestry also supports the Citizenship curriculum with children interacting with others from a different place, culture whose life experiences may be very different from their own. A project such as this can be useful in develop children’s skills, knowledge and understanding of working with textiles in a very motivational and exciting way. Children are also given a real purpose for their design and making.

Resource Pack

The website provides details of the project and a resource pack that provides more detailed information about creating a textile piece. There are tips on how to structure the project from generating initial ideas to developing these.


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