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Fire Kills


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Directgov’s Fire Safety section has good information and advice about fire safety in the home which can be used to teach Primary and Secondary School Children.

Learning and Teaching Resources

This website provides information and resources on fire safety. They can support the PSHE National Curriculum at Key Stage 1 where children learn to stay safe, the ways of keeping safe and about people who help them to stay safe.

Education Programme

Teachers will find an education programme that has been developed to increase children’s awareness of the risks from fire and help them to develop the skills they need to stay safe. This covers the following areas: fire safety (prevention, detection and escape); hoax calls and deliberate fire-setting. There is a wide range of leaflets that can be downloaded covering fire in many different situations. Teachers will also find material on fire safety outside of the home.

Information on Fire Safety

A useful aspect of the website is that teachers will find information on fire safety available in other languages, which may be useful in support children with English as An Additional Language accessing lessons on this topic.


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