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Lots of resources based on U.S. History topics such as Slavery, Government, etc...

Learning and Teaching Resources

Federal Resources for Educational Excellence provides access to collections of materials on slavery and abolition, which can be used to examine African-American experiences in the past. The collections contain images of original written documents and further information. There are also collections of North American Slave narratives, which are a useful resource for exploring the impact on people and their perspective. Teachers can also find lesson plan ideas and teaching guides.

Supporting the Teaching of Pupils about Slavery

The website can be used to support teaching pupils about how issues of race and equality were dealt with in the past, which is a feature of the Key Stage 3 National Curriculum programme of study for History. The programme of study also highlights that pupils’ use of evidence should be developed and include textual, visual and oral sources. This website provides access to such materials that can be useful in the classroom. It also supports teaching about cultural, ethnic and religious diversity in the past and considering how these have shaped the world today.


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