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FA is a brilliant football site that engages Teachers and their students through the use of clubs, teams, skills and awareness of disability.

Learning and Teaching Resources

The FA site has it's very own section dedicated to schools and learning throught the sport of Football. This section is of great use in Key Stage 2 Physical Education.

There are many resources and downloads here from the FA, for use within schools to help teach football. Preparing for Cup days, video footage, encouraging girls to play football, football in other countries, there is much here to use on the pitch and in the classroom.

Kids Football

Featured on the site is a skills programme offered by Tesco. The programmes are held in clubs all over the United Kingdom and through the site you find the closest one to you. Tesco also have resources and videos for the programme in schools. Specialist coaches can be brought in for sessions with primary school children who will benefit the most from the experience.

Tips and Tools for Teachers

For teachers wanting to know about running a League then this site will be great for them as it has tips, tools and information for this very subject.


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