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Resources for KS2 and KS3 students who are leaning about Enterprise.

Learning and Teaching Resources

Enterprise is identified as a strand of the Economic Well-Being and Financial Capability. It involves pupils exploring what it means to be enterprising, making plans, assessing risks and problem-solving. It is seen as an important aspect of pupils’ self-development as they identify their skills, abilities and strengths. They also consider the skills relevant to the world of work linking school-based learning with demands they will face in the future.

Teacher Support

E4A Education provide resources that can support teaching Enterprise. These include guides for setting up a business and key questions that can be used to think through the tips given. Materials are available on employability skills, which this area of the curriculum develops.

Challenge Days

The website also gives examples of challenge days. These can be used to inspire the planning of enterprising activities in a school and see the potential of a wide range of curriculum areas in providing contexts for enterprise tasks.


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