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Dyson have created a Telescope Game that can be played on the web or IPhone which is brilliant for Design & Technology and Science students.

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The Dyson Telescope Game involves using telescopes that can be manipulated in order to place a ball into a hole. This can be downloaded for use on an iPhone or played online.


Each level becomes progressively more challenging with more stages needed to successfully place the ball in the hole. A scorecard lets you see how many attempts it took to get the ball in the hole and a player can then try and work out if less moves can be carried out to achieve this.


There are frequently asked questions available to support players in getting to grips with how to work the game in terms of what can and can’t be done. The game can be used to develop thinking skills by working out moves that need to be made, including how each telescope works. It can encourage thinking about alternative courses of action and looking for new ways of doing things.


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