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DTOnline provides information on all Design & Technology subjects.

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This website covers several areas in Design Technology. There are sections on electronics, packaging, food and mechanics to name a few.


Within each section a range of useful D&T information can be found. These typically contain definitions of vocabulary and how particular components work. This can provide useful subject-knowledge for teachers and a starting point for producing materials that are appropriate to children in Key Stage 3 and 4.


If looking at packaging, there is a section that provides 3D representations of different shapes that could be chosen with information on their purpose, advantages and ways in which these can be developed. There is an option to view these as animations, which rotate, to show different perspectives of the object. An option exits for viewing it as a net giving a useful resource for use by children when constructing packaging. This could be useful for teachers looking for ideas to use as part of a unit of work.


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