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The Dottie and Buzz site allows RE to be taught through interesting characters that act as a positive role model for young children.

Learning and Teaching Resources

This resource explores different strands of learning in the area of RE with a particular focus on Christianity. The teaching notes offer suggested lesson plans that can be followed. There are clear learning outcomes identified, key vocabulary made clear as well as required preparation that needs to be carried out. The teacher notes cover a variety of topics, such as belonging, creation, baptism and forgiving.

Themes, Worksheets and More

For the theme of belonging, teachers will find worksheets that can be printed and downloaded for use in the classroom. These involve children producing drawings of people who care for them. The theme of baptism has resources such as photographs of this event, a worksheet on uses of water and one on the use of candles. Materials to support the teaching of forgiving, a ‘saying sorry’ song can be found as well as a game based on doing this. There is also a worksheet available to encourage children to think about what belongs to them, what needs to be shared and things that they are not allowed.


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