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       is for PSHE classes as it teaches children all about the road and how to stay safe around it.

Learning and Teaching Resources

This is an excellent website that can be used to support teaching children about road safety. It supports the National Curriculum for PSHE at Key Stage 1 which states that children should be taught about road safety and ways of keeping themselves safe from harm.

Certificates can be printed from the site to award pupils when they comeplete a game. This can positvly re-inforce them and will help them to remember what they have learned.

There is a section for teachers where they can obtain videos, packs, activities and more.

Learning through Animated Story

‘The Boy Who Didn’t Look For A Safe Place To Cross’ is an animated story highlighting the risks of not taking care when crossing the road and thinking about how to do this safely. It can provide an engaging stimulus for discussion about how children should cross the road and all the things that need to be thought about.

Through this animation, children can be taught the rules of the road concerning when and how to cross safely. Using an animation can engage the younger children as they are more likely to remember what they saw, thus remembering not to cross a road at a disadvantage point.

Online Games

There are online games in which children must follow the Green Cross Code in order to virtually cross a road. This could be used by individuals, small groups or as part of engaging children at whole-class level to see whether they have understood the principles of road safety.

Games also cover the rules on what to wear at night so that they can be seen clearly by drivers. Others also target how to get home, school and shops safely using multiple crossings; the game higlights numerous ways to cross roads such as zebra crossings, footbridges and more. The final game talks about how to cycle safely and how to minimize accidents. 


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