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Curriculum Bits for Maths


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KS3, KS4

This Maths site helps Secondary School students by providing them with videos, games and interactive resources.

Learning and Teaching Resources

This website provides interactive teaching resources that can be used in the classroom.

It provides a video on drawing a right-angled triangle, which is useful during a whole-class teaching situation so that pupils can see the steps clearly. There are also other useful resources related to shape. In addition, a short animation is also available about Pythagoras’ Theorem, which is ideal for providing a visual representation to aid pupils’ understanding and remembering. There is also an animated review of trigonometry that can be helpful in consolidating teaching points.

As well as these specific resources, there are more general activities available for use in the classroom. For example, virtual dice that can be used for classroom games. There is potential to use them to develop understanding of addition, subtraction, positive and negative integers or probability. This could be very useful as part of developing mental calculation.

All in all this is a great resource that will certainly keep the students busy!


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