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Curriculum Bits for Art & Design


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KS3, KS4

A site for Secondary School Art & Design classes that presents a selection of videos specific to the subject.

Learning and Teaching Resources

Curriculum Bits has a fantastic section for the Art & Design subject, aimed at Secondary School pupils. There are 16 resources, videos and interactive activities, that cover a range of topics that should be in the curriculum for the subject.


The videos show real life artists creating peices of art using different materials:

  • Shaping cardboard,

  • Making Text Stand Out,

  • Coil Lengths,

  • Sprig Mould,

  • Clay Coil Pottery,

  • Copying Pictures,

  • Camera's- Photography,


The activities featured on this site are multiple-choice covering 3 different topics. These test pupils knowlege, highlighting where they are strong and where they need improvement. They can also use these activities to jot down terms and their meanings when studying for a GCSE.


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