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Place Value Charts To Help Children Understand The Value Of Digits In Numbers

Learning and Teaching Resource

Children in Key Stage 1 are expected to begin to understand the place value of each digit in a number and begin to use this to order numbers up to one hundred. They are expected to use zero as a place value holder and know he relative size of numbers up to one hundred. This learning is within Level 2 of the National Curriculum, which is the target level at the end of Year 2.

Place Value Activity

There are many ways of helping children to understand place value and this online activity can help provide another means of working on the value of digits in numbers. Children can work on two- or three-digit numbers (or greater if very able!). They must create a target number that is given onscreen and the activity includes a self-checking and correcting facility.

This is a very handy resource if using ICT to support Numeracy as children can be given different sizes of numbers to work with, which means differentiation is easier to achieve. The site is also applealing to young pupils so this will help with engagement and them being able to maintain memory of what they are learning. The buttons are big and clear to read. 


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