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Engaging new online resource about the countryside - free, curriculum-linked and ready-to-use

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The Countryside Investigators is a great website for key stage 2 students.  The interactive website encourages students to go on a journey through the countryside to visit farms, villages, woodlands and country estates and meet the interesting people who work there.

Videos, Games and the Quiz

Students can click on the areas of the home page map to start their journey and watch the videos, play the games, or try a quiz. There is also a useful teachers’ area which explains how the website links in to the curriculum for Geography, Citizenship and Science.  The area also has lots of free activities, worksheets, and advice about organising farm visits.

Map Areas

Map areas include: Farm, where students can learn about the work of a Farmer, Farm Vet and Gamekeeper; Village, where students meet a Shopkeeper and Thatcher; Woodland, to meet a Forester and Beekeeper; and Country Estate with an introduction to an Estate Manager, a Riverkeeper and a Falconer.


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