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Computer Arts is a site for Design & Technology sites as it provides tutorials on ICT and creation for teachers and their pupils to use.

Learning and Teaching Resources

Computer Arts provides tutorials for creating a variety of objects, such as a waste paper bin in the form of a flatpack template; it involves the use of paper-card to create the components. This site is great to use for planning Key Stage 4 Design & Technology lessons. Both teachers and pupils can take part in the tutorials. For compter design, the Adobe software is required. There are also many other tutorials which cover a varity of items, skills and interests. 

ICT and Craft Skills

A number os skills can be taught and develop through these tutorials. There is a activity where a 3D calander can be made through design and computer skills. Teachers and pupils are taught how to design correctly on paper and screen to create a object that can be printed and crafted. Science can be involved.

Each tutorial page has an explanation of the task/activity that has been set, including the software needed, the time it will take to complete and what skills can be gained/developed. These are perfect to incorporate into lessons as it is layed out simply and will engage and interest the pupils.

Through this site you can learn how photoshop works, how to design in perspective, distortion and more.


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