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Children learning about the different aspects of Islam such as their Holy text, festivals, etc...

Learning and Teaching Resources

The BBC provides materials to support teaching children about Islam as a faith and way of life. It gives information on what Islam is in language that is accessible to children. Teaching children about other Faiths is good for their own personal lives as they will have an unerstanding which will aid them into becoming better people.

Key Aspects of Islam

Children can learn more about the sacred text of Islam, the Qur’an. There is material on other key aspects of Islam in this online guide. This covers the five pillars of Islam, Muslim views of other religions, Islamic dress and festivals. It also contains sections on differences in beliefs within Islam as well as the life of Muslims in Britain today. There are images that relate to the text; showing the Qur'an, clothing, food and Mosques.

Introducing Religion

This website could be useful for introducing aspects of Islam during whole-class teaching or revisiting key elements of the faith. Children may also be interested to look at the information individually as part of self-directed learning. Use of the BBC website can fit easily into current RE schemes of work within a school based on their locally agreed syllabus.


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