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Child Drama presents many links to lesson plans, books and so forth about Drama.

Learning and Teaching Resources

Child Drama is a brilliant site to use for Primary and Secondary School Drama lessons. There are plenty of resources, such as photos, lesson plans, monologues and more, that cover a range of topics covered in the Drama subject.

If you're a Drama teacher in need of help when evaluating creative work then this site will be great for you as it has a section dedicated to creative-work-evaluation. Some are dedicated to different age-group areas. There are results tips and grading schemes.

Lesson Plans, Monologues and More

On the lesson plans page you will find that they have been ordered by age and by type. There are physical activities such as the 'Hand Animals' improvisation plan, aimed at KS1, that focusses on using hands to creat shapes and animals. There are also writing activities which include group playwriting, creating a play, etc... Each lesson plan is detailed and carefully thought through for a specific age group. There are plans for introducing Drama to youn pupils as well as plans to develop skills for pupils at KS4.

There are 3 great monologues that you can read online. They're brilliant for teaching pupils how to remember lines and also speak and act by themselves.

The site provides a list of books that can be useful to Drama, talking about scripts, plays, acting and more. These books can aid lessons for all Key Stages.

Photos of plays have been posted on the site. They'd be great for getting ideas about which costumes should and can be worn for specific plays/time-eras. Also they show how old the cast should be.

Rules of the Classroom

The site manager has posted up rules to help teachers keep an orderly class as well as keeping the atmospehere positive. Any teacher is welcome to use them if they are needed.


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