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A French and German game for MFL Primary School students.

Learning and Teaching Resources

This website has material that can  be used to reintroduce or reinforce vocabulary in MFL. Through the use of games, it is hoped that children will have audio-visual and interactive experience in learning another language. Many of the games have three different levels of challenge to support progression in learning.

French and German Games

The games cover French and German. Children have the opportunity to learn about names of colours, the language of position and names of everyday items. It also includes games that involve asking and answering simple questions. For those who lack confidence in MFL, the website has a ‘Knowledge Area’ that provides translations of vocabulary used within the games.

The games on the website are ideal for use by individual children, but they can be incorporated into whole-class teaching or form activities that are completed in small groups. Children may also wish to access the games at home to support them with learning another language.


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