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Caret is a colourful site with various games about Science for students.

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This website has a selection of games that can be used to develop understanding of concepts and ideas in Science at, Secondary School Level, via a series of puzzles. They are all free. The puzzles and games are divided into two categories: 11-14, 15-18.

When you first enter the site there is an option for the pupils to select which background they want. There are 4 to choose from. This seletion isn't just about what they like, it's about the idea they they learn better when they enjoy the experience and their surroundings can influence this learning rate. The games themselves are colourful, interactive and fun.

These games teach pupils about science, but also about other contributing factors such as money. They learn that there are other matters to deal with then just the one they are specifically focusing on. These can not only teach science skills but life skills too.


There is a game in which reflection and deflection can be explored using a laser beam to identify the location of silver balls in a black box. A game is available for changing resistance in a circuit to disable a bomb. The area of balance and centre of gravity can be explored through a game in which a series of books must be balanced by sliding one over the other. ‘Bungee’ examines the notion of length and weight, with an option to generate graphical information to explore performance in meeting the aim of the task.

There is also a game looking at predators and prey in which pupils must consider food chains and ensuring animals involved will continue to survive in appropriate numbers. Pupils can also engage in an activity whereby the needs of plants must be considered. An activity where building a virtual catapult is the aim. This involves looking at forces.


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