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Britkid teaches students about race, racism and life and how to deal with this topic.

Learning and Teaching Resources

This website provides background information about young people from a range of races and circumstances. As well as points of view, serious issues are also covered. The site can be used in KS3 Citizenship lessons.

Pupils can read about the characters featured, their family situation, languages spoken, religion and issues in their lives. This provides good material for discussing diversity between individuals and different aspects that make up someone’s identity.

A selection of maps can be looked at, showing the parts of the world where different cultures are and the British Empire.

Lesson Plans

Lesson plans can be found that provide suggestions of how to use this aspect of the website in the classroom and the types of activities that pupils can engage in. It is useful in schools where there may not be frequent contact with ethnic minority groups and a good starting point for considering a range of issues.

Lesson plans and worksheets contains images of Religious Buildings, World Map, Signs and Symbols that cover the issues of race and religion. They provide oppertunities for the pupils to learn, understand and think about all the different aspects of this topic. When considering racism, there is a hassles pdf that can be used in classes when teahing abotu appropriate behaviour, thoughts and actions.

Locations, Discussions and Serious Issues

Britkids also enables pupils to visit different locations in the imagined ‘Britchester’. When different locations are visited, discussions about specific issues are presented. There is also the option to access information on serious issues. The topics covered include UK immigration law, racist attacks, religious discrimination and even material on extreme right wing movements.

Teaching children about other races and religions is key to creating a better, more understanding individual. Everyone is different; they have other thoughts and beliefs; they have different skin colours; children should be taught that difference isn't a bad thing.


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