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‘Life. Live it. First aid education for children’ - helping you teach first aid

This brand new online resource – which is free to use – is the perfect tool for teaching life-saving first aid skills to children aged 5 to 11. 

Catering for pupils of all abilities and learning styles, the emphasis is on learning first aid through a variety of approaches: video, interactive activities, discussion, quizzes, drama, practical activities, drawing and more. 

The main themes are staying safe, saving lives, and emergency action. The resource includes:

>      Flexible lesson plans including teacher’s notes
>      Interactive and practical activities2_kelly_and_dan_eager_to_learn.jpg
>      Accident scenario videos
>      Worksheets and scenario cards
>      ‘How to’ videos to demonstrate first aid skills
>      Interactive quizzes
>      Detailed curriculum links
>      Awards and badges

No previous knowledge of first aid is necessary – for either teacher or pupil.  The teachers’ area contains a range of materials to help anyone understand the basics of first aid, so that you can quickly pick up the essentials.

The British Red Cross believes that first aid is an important life skill that everybody should know.  Our research shows that children as young as 5 can be taught how to get help in an emergency and this is an important part of first aid. 

Materials are differentiated for the two key stages.  Children aged 5 -7 will be able to gain an understanding of treating burns and nose bleeds, in addition to keeping safe and getting help.  The materials and lessons for age 7 – 11 are much more extensive, covering a range on first aid topics.

“There is a good variety of activities, pitched at the right level, and the resource is clearly aiming to empower pupils rather than just inform.”

Linda McGlone, Primary school teacher, Renfrewshire, Scotland

Both great fun and highly interactive, it is also directly relevant to the PSHE, Citizenship, English, Science and Art & Design – with curriculum links included for all UK countries. 

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