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British Potato Council has 12 lessons based on potatoes for Primary School learning in Design & Technology classes.

Learning and Teaching Resources

Potatoes for Schools, from the Potato Council, offers a valuable learning experience where you and your pupils can find out where potatoes come from, how they grow, what you can do with them and how they can make primary learning an exciting experience.

There are videos and images that can be used in Primary School Design & Technology classes that show potato growth and the process that happens when planing and harvesting them. There are also games, colouring sheets and quizzes that will engage young minds as well as teach them all about this topic.

Hands-On Experience

The website offers teachers the chance to register their school for some real hands-on experience by taking part in the Grow Your Own Potatoes project. There are 12,000 free growing kits available for primary schools, containing Vales Emerald and Rocket seed potatoes as well as other goodies and the chance to win prizes if you want to compete to grow the heaviest weight of potatoes.

Teacher Centre

There is also an excellent teacher’s centre which includes lesson plans and ideas to support the children’s activities; grow it, cook it, play it and colour it. Plus a whole range of worksheets available which cover science and other areas of the curriculum. There are 12 potato-based lessons featured on the site which can help with topics such as cooking and healthy eating. Teacher notes have tips and images that they can use at their disposal. The image library has sequences of images that can be used as part of a wide range of activities.


How about actually going to see where potatoes grow? The farm visit section contains advice and a farm database.  All in all the website is well worth a visit for teachers looking for key stage 1 and 2 lesson plans and teaching resources.


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