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The British Museum site has a section for history students learning about Ancient Civilisations in detail.

Learning and Teaching Resources

As part of the Key Stage 2 National Curriculum programme of study for History, children learn about an ancient civilisation. This may be Ancient Egypt, the Indus Valley or the Aztecs among others. Children typically learn about the features of the society, beliefs and the everyday lives of men, women and children.

The British Museum website is great for KS2 History classes at is specifically has an interactive site all about ancient civilisations. This site provides need-to-know information for the pupils through an entertaining and fun way.

Exploring Ancient Civilisations

This website allows children to explore a range of ancient civilisations. This can be done by themes. For example, cities, buildings and technology. Using a world map, they can navigate to the locations of ancient civilisations to find out more. It is a good chance for independent learning and enabling children to gain a broader knowledge of different civilisations through research. 

Furthermore, ancient civilisation cultures are presented in an A to Z, which enables children to learn about specific past societies in more depth. An overview of the civilisation is presented and links to more specific information about the notable aspects of their religion, buildings and so on. There are also images which relate to the text. Once again, this is a great resource for children conducting their own research.


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