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A selection of videos and notes on the skills needed in the world of work, useful for Business Studies and WRL classes.

Learning and Teaching Resources

As part of the Economic Well-being and Financial Capability curriculum, pupils learn to identify the qualities, skills and attitudes that are required in the world of work. They are encouraged to develop these so their chances of employability are maximised. The Bnet website provides a series of film clips on skills that are important in the context of employment. These films focus on a range of areas. For example, the importance of eye contact and how to use it effectively. 

Pupils having the right skills when ensure that they can have the best jobs that business can offer, as well as understanding the topic clearly with the right experience.  

Clips, Tips and More

There are clips related to motivating others and ways of communicating with others who are reluctant to communicate back. There are useful transcripts of some of the films provided. The tips they give could be used to support pupils in putting the skills into practice within the classroom setting or in enterprising projects within the curriculum. The film clips can also stimulate discussion in terms of whether pupils agree with what they see and hear.

The film-clips cover a range of subjects including money, investments and marketing which are vital when working in a business or for personal lives. Pupils must be aware of what they can do with their money, as well as learning what a buiness does with theirs to maintain themselves and what they do.

When talking about investments and marketing, there are up-to-date news stories from all over the world, that provide evidence for information being taught & learned. Real-life examples are a sure way of pupils understanding the topic clearly and truthfully.

There are also interviews from stong, influencial people who affect politics and the money market. This also provides another insight that pupils can study. 


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