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Beat Bullying has lesson plans and online resources from over the years and links to clips on YouTube that can help in PSHE classes.

Learning and Teaching Resources

The National Curriculum for PSHE emphasises that children learn about bullying, the nature of bullying, consequences and how to resist it. This website provides a host of resources and materials that can be used to support the curricular requirement and duty that schools have in promoting anti-bullying.

Lesson Plans

Teachers will find lesson plans that address rights and responsibilities that can be adapted for use in the classroom. This is supported by assembly plans- with a script and accompanying slides for use. There is also a bank of lesson plans on different types of bullying, For example, faith-based bullying and disability bullying. Teachers can also find materials on addressing the issue of peer pressure. There are lesson plans for covering cyber-bullying, too. This is also accompanied by an assembly script to introduce the theme and slides for display.

There is a page of statistics that can be used in lessons. Percentages of people being bullied, people who are truant and more are included. Beating bullying is a major campaign in the UK so teaching pupils about it can change it all.

Other Materials

Online resources come in the form of mentors, games and activities where some come with teachers notes to help aid. These resources can help pupils become aware of bullying, the different types and how to tackle/deal with it.

This bank of materials is useful not only for Anti-Bullying Week, but provides a source that can be drawn upon to support addressing issues related to bullying throughout the year.

Posters can be downloaded and used in class wall displays. They are bright and colourful with relevant information.

Videos from YouTube have been created to make aware the tricks of cyber-bullying. Videos are bright, colourful and engaging with will help pupils remember what they have seen and learned. There are videos on other areas of this site.


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