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A useful site for anyone studying or teaching Design & Technology or Careers as it provides information on construction.

Learning and Teaching Resources

This website focuses on the construction industry. If pupils at KS4 have a specific interest in this area, the materials can help them to refine and focus their thinking. It can also be used in a broader fashion. On this site you will find a list of people who work in contruction who give their views on it. This can be vital for a pupil as it can help them get some personalised information on the career and if they want a career in it.


There is an entire section on apprenticeships. An explanation is provided along with what can be achieved. There are pages that provide support in areas of equality, travel, health & safety and more which are all informative. Entry requirements are covered for England, Scotland and Wales. There are oppertunities for pupils to talk to a careers adviser before they can use the link on the site to apply for an apprenticeship. Overall pupils will gain many new skills and will develop others. These can help when joining the contruction career.

Careers & Research

The layout and information provided could be used as a model structure for pupils engaging in research about their own career aspirations. It is possible to browse the careers on offer in construction. The chosen profession is described in terms of entry requirements, benefits and what the job entails. It also encourages reflection on the qualities needed to work in certain areas. Useful links to case studies or diaries of those in the profession can be accessed to give a realistic picture and insight into what is needed to pursue certain careers.


The website contains sections on what qualifications are needed in the industry, possible progression pathways and a list of companies that are significant in this sector.


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