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A useful tool in Citizenship and PSHE classes as it tackles bullying and provides CyberMentors who children can talk to.

Learning and Teaching Resources

Pupils can access help and support online if they are being bullied or feeling depressed. The CyberMentors online are young people who have been trained to listen and support others. For more serious issues, a trained counsellor is available online. 

The site offers a selection of free music, wallpapers, skins and screensavers. Pupils can use these on their own PCs and will help remind them of the site and also about bullying as a whole. The safety centre on the site offers information and tips on how to stay safe in real life and on the internet. It tells you how to report abuse online and not to be worried about doing so.

Services for Free

Pupils are able to register for free to use the service, which involves chatrooms or the ability to send direct messages. There is the potential for young people aged between 11 and 25 to become trained as a CyberMentor. The CyberMentors programme can be run in schools and there are suggestions for how pupils can raise money to cover the cost of this. 


Involvement with CyberMentors has the potential to help pupils become good role models, develop skills in communicating with others effectively and sensitively as well as taking an active part in anti-bullying campaigns. Pupils can talk to a mentor about their own problems and experiences with bullying. Pupils can also become a mentor and give guidence to others about the subject.


The website also contains videos about young people’s experiences of bullying. These case studies can be a useful resource for use in the classroom. The videos can also help pupils understand that bullying is very real and it does have consequences. Knowing other peoples views and experiences can educate pupils but also teach them to be a better person overall.


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