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Banardo’s has a selection of 5 lesson plans which are interactive and also comes with support material and homework.

Learning and Teaching Resources

Develop your Year 7 pupils’ analytical and communication skills with Barnardo’s FREE downloadable teaching resources. Banardo's helps children all across the UK through different means. They tackle any issue so that the child can lead a better life. The resources provided will help pupils understand the charity and the work that they do, along side getting intouch with their creativity.

This site offers a range of activities for KS3 English and Citizenshop pupils. You can find a guide to school fundraising ideas as well as team activities which will develop communication and understanding skills. There is also a Business Incentive Scheme which will help pupils understand business and see if they have what it takes to be part of that career. Pupils will gain experience and create & develop key skills needed.

Lesson Plans 

These five interactive and engaging lesson plans are suitable for English, Citizenship and Media Studies fulfilling National Curriculum KS3 objectives.

Lesson plans are complete with detailed teacher’s notes, exciting supporting material and homework ideas. Each lesson is carefully planned out, including: key words, objectives, timings, content, assessments, charts, questions and more. Each will help develop a pupil's knowlege of each area as well as develop skills in communication, understanding and also analysis of a text (be it video, words or images).

The resources will help you teach pupils how to analyse communication materials effectively whilst learning about the contemporary issues that disadvantaged children in the UK face. Overall they will learn about charity, communication and creating a poster about it all.

Poster Competition 

Children are encouraged to test their newly acquired media analysis skills by entering our cross country poster competition. They will get the chance to develop their own advertising ideas for Barnardo’s about an issue they believe affects vulnerable children today.

The best ideas from pupils taking part will be published on Barnardo’s website!


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