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Brilliant site for KS2 teachers as it has many resources for multiple Religions and topics.

Learning and Teaching Resources

This good religious education website contains a great bank of teaching resources and ideas for Christianity, Buddhism, Islam and other major world religions.

Selecting a Religion

By selecting a religion, teachers can then browse a wide range of resources to support teaching about different themes or aspects within that faith. For instance, selecting Christianity provides access to RE teaching materials on a wide range of themes. These include Baptism, Christian Symbols, Christian Beliefs in Action and the Life of Jesus and His Teachings to name a few. Some of the resources give teachers access to online interactive activities or resources that can complement schemes of work already in place within schools.

Supporting Visits

REonline also provides information to support visiting places of worship related to major world religions. It is possible to access background information on places of worship, their features and suggests activities that could be used to support learning outside of the classroom. There is also access to an excellent set of ‘video visits’ to places of worship that can be used in the classroom. These videos contain footage of places of worship, significant artefacts found there as well as people talking about religious practices that take place. Although this is not a substitute for actually physically being in a place of worship, it does provide children with useful insight into other faiths, their buildings and religious practices.

Festivals Calender

Another useful aspect of this website is the Festivals Calendar where significant festivals and celebrations from different world faiths are listed. From this page, teachers are provided with links to further information about significant dates or periods of time in different religious calendars.

It is worth taking the time to explore the website and the resources available as these are quite comprehensive. This investment of time could save planning and resourcing time in the future! 


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