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100 Percent me has a range of information that talks about athletes, sport and substance use for P.E. and Science subjects.

Learning and Teaching Resources

100 Percent Me focuses on promoting engagement in athletics and sport while avoiding the use of substances that may enhance performance. It provides information on prohibited substances and procedures for ensuring that athletes do not use these, such as drug tests every so often (depending on the sport).

The information is useful for teachers and coaches who wish to develop their own knowledge about this issue. There are also video clips about the testing of athletes which plays an important part when keeping drugs out of sporting events. The materials can be used to help convey understanding that physically active individuals must be responsible for what they put into their body. It is important that pupils learn about this topic because theu will understand that partaking in althletics whilst enhanced by drugs isnt a fair game and that drugs can seriously damage their lives. 

Curriculum and Material 

In terms of the National Curriculum programme of study at Key Stage 3, this website provides information relevant to linking PE with Science. It can be helpful background for pupils being taught to recognise hazards and control risks to themselves if they are following their interest in physical activities. There is also material to support pupils in developing awareness of how to make informed choices and the consequences on maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle.

Coach Clean

The site has information on an area called 'Coach Clean' which will help coachs of any sport keep themselves and their team free from illegal substances. Being a clean coach will provide a positive role-model for any young mind. Advice for developing coaching skills is also provided. 


100 Percent Me has a glossary with lots of word related to this topic that can be used in classes; shown on flash-cards, word docs, presentations and more. Having a clear knowlege of terms can help a teacher and pupil succeed in PE and Science.  


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