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Free ICT KS1 Teaching Resources for Primary Teachers

Learning about ICT at KS1

Children explore ICT and learn to use it to achieve specific outcomes. They develop their ideas and record work, becoming familiar with different hardware and software.

In the Finding Things Out strand of the National Curriculum, children gather information from different sources and develop skills in entering data, saving and retrieving it. Within the Developing Ideas and Making Things Happen strand, children use ICT to give instructions and explore what happens in situations. Within the Exchanging and Sharing Information aspect of the programme of study, children use text, images, tables and sounds to present their ideas.

Children are shown how to use Microsoft work to create documents in which they can create homework or projects. They are also show how to use a simple Microsoft Powerpoint Presentation- using transitions, colours, designs, etc…


The resources in this section can be used to support children in developing skills when using hardware and software. There is also material available for teachers to improve their own confidence and competence when using ICT as part of their approach to teaching and learning. Schools.ik provides a means by which teachers, or a school, can build a website to support learning beyond the classroom.

Shaun the Sheep has a bank of free games that children can play and at the same time they learn computing skills like how to use the keyboard and mouse (at the same time). They are fun, colourful and highly interactive,

BBC provides support for teaching basic ICT skills to Primary School children. The skills are in printing, software programmes, keyboard, mouse, how to email and more. This site isn’t just for KS1 children. Teachers can also use it themselves to get their ICT knowledge up to scratch.

Kent ICT has a wide selection of resources that will help when teaching children about computing for the first time. There are areas on communication, internet, data and more.


8 Key Free Teaching Resources

E-safety Support

E-safety Support

E-safety Support. It is a comprehensive suite of resources developed to help schools to meet Ofsted requirements by delivering a clear strategy that promotes shared (teachers, pupils, parents etc) responsibility for e- safety.

Find out more



Professional development for Primary and Secondary School ICT teachers and has CPD sources.


Poisson Rouge

Poisson Rouge is a fantastic, interactive site that engages KS1 pupils through games and movement.

Find out more about Poisson Rouge


Kent Education

Kent Education’s ICT site supports teachers and their students in ICT and ensures a safe learning environment online.

Find out more about Kent Education


Shaun the Sheep

The Shaun the Sheep game allows KS1 children to develop their hand-eye coordination through mouse skills.

Find out more about Shaun the Sheep



An ICT site that has a tool to create word clouds that can be used in a variety of subjects from Tagxedo.

Find out more about Tagxedo


TVO Kids

TVO Kids is a interactive site for Primary School Music students, that teaches them how to create a music track.

Find out more about TVO Kids



BBC provides basic training on the internet, computers and social media that helps develop ICT skills.

Find out more about BBC


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