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13 Jun

Resources for Numerous Subjects about the London 2012 Olympics

Resources for most subjects at Primary and Secondary level about the 2012 Olympics.

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20 Jun

London 2012 Resources for Primary and Secondary and New Primary Curriculum Draft All on One Sheet

New Olympic Resources and a new Condensed Assessment and Curricular Documents.

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26 Jun

Creativity! Giving Some Attention to Art and Design Resources for Secondary and Primary Teachers

Art and Design Resources for Primary and Secondary Schools

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02 Jul

Geography Teaching Resources and Lesson Planning for KS3 and KS2

Free KS2 and KS3 Geography Teaching Resources!

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03 Jul

Win £100 of Vouchers from Amazon!

Win £100 of Vouchers and access new resources - all from Practical Action.

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16 Jul

E-Planner Free Trial for Secondary Teachers and Visual Literacy Resources for KS1 and KS2

Managing Teacher Duties and Visual Literacy Resources.

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10 Sep

Future Morph Website has Re-launched to highlight Career Opportunities from Science and Maths

Today marks the relaunch of the Future Morph website, a web-based resource for students, teachers and parents which aims to redefine perceptions of the careers arising from studying science and maths.

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11 Sep

Primary School Resources for Roald Dahl Day

Roald Dahl Day is celebrated on the 13th September to coincide with Dahl’s birthday. This may be of great interest to primary school teachers at Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 as well as Key Stage 3 teachers if pupils are studying ‘The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas’.

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01 Oct

New Teaching Resources from Jeans for Genes Day for Key Stages 1-4, Available for FREE

Completely FREE to download and created in partnership with Nowgen and The Progress Educational Trust, Jeans for Genes Day have developed four new films and supporting resources to help students get to grips with the complex topics associated with genes and genetics.

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12 Nov

Anti-Bullying Week

Get ready for Anti-Bullying Week on 14th November with a brand new assembly from Genes Are Us!

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20 Nov

The Teenage Cancer Trust (TCT) Teaching Resources

The Teenage Cancer Trust (TCT) is a charity whose ethics centre around offering young people straightforward, unambiguous information about cancer in a positive and supportive manner.

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22 Nov

WebPlay Teaching Resources

‘WebPlay’ is an innovative arts-education organisation with charitable status that has developed inspiring educational projects for schools that combines the creativity of drama with the boundless imagination that technology offers in order to challenge student’s to boost their aspirations, their inventiveness and their awareness of other cultures.

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04 Dec

Playbrighter - A Free Educational Game

Playbrighter is a game-based learning environment which contains over 20,000 curricula-based questions to get teachers started and which they can then add to if they want to, allowing them to test their students on any subject area they wish. 

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05 Dec

English Resources For Students And Teachers - The Geoff Barton Website

With all the commercial resources it is nice to come across a website where a teacher used the building of a resource website as an actual learning opportunity for one of his former students.

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05 Dec

STEM: Build Our Future

STEM: Build our future contains free teaching and learning materials for students aged 14-16 from Army in Education.

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05 Dec

12 Days Of Christmas Giveaway!

If you could ask for one gift from Santa this year, what would it be? We think that many busy teachers would choose the gift of time. Christmas is a hectic time in schools and it can be challenging to juggle professional and personal commitments at this time of year.

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10 Jan

The Countryside Investigators Website

The ‘Countryside Investigators’ website is a useful teaching resource that provides thorough information on the protection, enjoyment and employment of the rural environment.

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15 Jan

Win A Year's Free Membership To Teaching Resources UK

Teaching Resources UK are giving away free membership every day of 2013! All you need to do to win is sign-up for a FREE 14 day trial to gain access to lesson plans, worksheets and school activities.

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22 Feb

Get Free Advice On E-Safety For Your School

Did you know that there is a new online service that has been developed to deliver free expert advice and useful information on e-safety in schools?

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