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World’s First Virtual Protest Against Bullies

Thursday 18th November 2010

The National Anti-Bullying Week will raise awareness of the issues surrounding bullying, both in schools and online. Many different events are being held this week as the Anti-Bullying week takes place in schools, colleges and work places all over the country. The Anti-Bullying Alliance (ABA), made up of a network of more than 70 organisations, run Anti-Bullying Week which runs from November 15th-18th.

A major event during the week is €˜The Big March the worlds first virtual protest for childrens rights that started on Monday to mark the beginning of National Anti-Bullying Week. The Big March invites young people, their friends and families, to march across 50 websites to ask the Government for help with protecting children from bullying, violence and harassment. It was started by the older sister of Megan Gillan who committed suicide after her fellow classmates waged a hate campaign against her on the social networking website Bebo. Her older sister Hayley said: "There needs to be a change in the law - both online and in schools After becoming an ambassador for the charity Beatbullying, Hayley intends to hand over a petition with 700,000 signatures to Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg today.

The TES, this week, also has posted links to many anti-bullying resources for teachers too. These resources cover Facebook privacy guidelines for teachers, covering how to manage social media issues in schools, as well as safety guidelines for teachers themselves.

Teaching Resources UK has anti-bullying resources for teachers available to download today!

More information:

Teaching Resourcing Assembly

The Big March

The Anti-Bullying Resource Collection from TES


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