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World Heart Day Thursday 29th September - Free Teaching Resources

Thursday 29th September 2011

The British Heart Foundation has a wonderful website full of useful free teaching resources for schools to use in their classes. The BHF consider educating young people to be at the root of combating heart disease. They say that encouraging pupils to live a heart healthy lifestyle will help to minimize the risk of developing heart disease later in their lives. On their website you will be able to find a large range of reading material, activities, books and games for teachers and students to use in school.

Here are a couple of examples of what the British Heart Foundation offers in free resources for teachers:

There is a great book to use in science classes for under 7 year olds called “Artie Beat Big Heart Book” which is an A2-sized, free-standing colourful book about the heart and what constitutes a healthy lifestyle. The resource satisfies the requirements of the Science and Health Education curriculum and guidance notes in each of the UK countries for 5 and 6 year olds.

For 7 to 11 year olds, in person, social and health classes, you can download, or order the Big Heart Exploration CD-Rom which is perfect for teaching children how to keep their hearts healthy. As well as CDs, books and games, the BHF have guidelines worksheets on how teachers can organise out of school activities for pupils too.

Some of the British Heart Foundation teaching resources for schools are available to download, but some are only available to order by calling BHF’s order line on 0870 600 6566, or by emailing Or alternatively you can download a full copy of the kids’ and schools’ catalogue 2011.


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