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Welcome to Word Cloud Creations: Tools for the Visual Celebration and Appreciation of Words for Primary and Secondary

Friday 25th May 2012

There are two great tools that can be used to create word clouds. A word cloud visually presents words from a text; words used frequently in the text appear in a larger font. Not only can visually stunning designs be created from text, but there is a huge amount of potential for using word cloud tools to support teaching and learning across the curriculum at both primary and secondary levels of education.

Wordle Word Cloud Creations

Wordle offers a choice of colour schemes, fonts and layouts that can be applied to the word clouds generated. There are multiple possibilities for how the word clouds produced can be used. They may be printed or saved to share with others. It is very easy to use, and cut and paste can be used in order to transfer text into the website and create word clouds. There are lots of potential uses for this tool across the curriculum. For example, poems written by pupils can be given new meaning through Wordle as prominent words in the source text are brought to the forefront.

Tagxedo Offers 101 Ways to Use Word Clouds

Tagexdo changes text- any text you wish- into a word cloud. Teachers will find a guide including 101 ways to use Tagxedo. This highlights the cross-curricular potential of this online tool. Gifts can be made from the word clouds created. There is scope for creating word clouds showing appreciation of others that teachers may find useful in PSHE or SEAL sessions.

Both of these tools offer a creative way of analysing and looking closely at words. They are ideal for use by pupils as well as useful for teachers looking for interesting and challenging ways of presenting content to their classes. Both of these sites are quick and easy to use and a few minutes spent browsing them is sure to fire imaginative ways in which word clouds can be used to support teaching and learning in the classroom.


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