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Thursday 22nd November 2012

WebPlay.orgAs students study different subject areas and topics they tend to start ‘pigeon-holing’ subjects. I remember talking to an ICT colleague of mine who told me about how his students were complaining about having to construct formula when working on spread sheets with questions like “Sir, why are we doing maths in ICT?”

It is always good therefore to come across resources that break those perceived boundaries and embrace engaging, cross-curricular projects to stimulate and inspire students to use skills and knowledge from different subject areas to think and work creatively.

WebPlay’ is an innovative arts-education organisation with charitable status that has developed inspiring educational projects for schools that combines the creativity of drama with the boundless imagination that technology offers in order to challenge student’s to boost their aspirations, their inventiveness and their awareness of other cultures. The projects also assist students in developing their skills and understanding of literacy, numeracy as well as nurturing their knowledge of geography, history and citizenship.

‘WebPlay’ ensures that it isn’t just the students that benefit from the projects, as they provide full ICT and drama training for teachers as well as the support and teaching resources such as detailed lesson plans, online audio and video clips and worksheets. They also provide information for student’s parents too.

The secure websites that have been specially designed for the projects, such as the ‘Page to Stage’, allows school students to engage and work with theatre professionals via email, text and even in-person visits. The websites can also provide the opportunity for students to collaborate on projects with students in other schools.

Some of the projects that WebPlay have offered in the past include:

  • WebPlay Local – aimed at 3 to 5 year olds and focuses on the students investigating and learning about their local area, Through this project they will carry out various tasks including:

  • Collaborate with another school in the local area

  • Learn about Internet safety and appropriate online behaviour

  • Attend a ‘secret meeting’ drama workshop using improvisation and drama techniques

  • Develop multi-media ‘guidebooks’ working in small teams.

  • Opera Revised – Where students come up with ideas for films based on famous dramas or ballets such as Madame Butterfly.

  • Swanning Around – Where students from the U.K. and China used technology to communicate to create a new dance inspired by the ballet of Swan Lake.

There are numerous lesson plans for both primary and secondary schools available including:

  • Learning about Swan Lake

  • Creating your own dance based on Swan Lake

  • Structuring a drama based on Swan Lake

  • Bodyscapes and Soundscapes

It is fair to say that this resource is under constant development and ‘WebPlay’ say that more projects will be added as they become available. They also are constantly looking for new partners within the theatre and drama communities and for schools to participate within the projects – it certainly is an exciting site to keep an eye on.


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