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Video Games for Maths and Science Lessons - Education News

Wednesday 6th July 2011

The Education Executivereports today that Michael Gove, the Education Secretary, has stated twice recently that he considers video games to be a valuable tool in education, especially in maths and science lessons. He said, during a speech at the Royal Society: "Our school system needs to have innovation embedded in its way of working. That is what our reforms provide - the opportunity for our school system to adapt rapidly to technological change...extending the scope of knowledge available to all children. Only school leaders the freedom to shape their own futures...can we ensure we benefit from the ... rapid changes technological innovation will bring."

In his Royal Society speech he commented: "I am sure that this field of educational games has huge potential for maths and science teaching."

Jim Wynn, chief education officer at Promethean, commented on Gove’s statements by saying: "In a world dominated by the internet, social media and the latest gadgets, ignoring technology in the classroom will not prepare students for the outside word," he continued. "I strongly agree that giving school leaders the license to harness the power of technology will assist teachers in applying the world around us to classroom subjects.

Schools have entered a new era with ICT with learning platforms, Facebook, Twitter, Google Apps, Moodle, Twitter, Microsoft’s free live@edu email service and greater use of web 2.0 technologies. This concentration on the importance of ICT in schools has led to the brand new leadership programme for ICT called EXite – Exploiting Information Technology in Education. The new EXite Leadership Programme, due to be piloted in September 2011 and rolled out from January 2012, will bring together best practice and utilise the expertise of leaders within successful schools and academies.


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