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Use Mobile Phones in the Classroom for Learning

Friday 1st July 2011

Futurelab has suggested that using mobile phones as learning tools in lessons can strengthen the curriculum, rather than simply existing to distract pupils from learning. The not-for-profit charity has written an article suggesting that rather than simply banning mobile phones in UK schools that teachers should think up innovative ways to engage pupils in the 21st century technology. Futurelab claim that following the advice from Michael Gove is simply the wrong approach to tackling the issue and that mobile phones can enhance lessons if pupils are encouraged to use them for learning.

Some suggestions from Futurelabs were to use the basic functions of mobile phones such as checking spellings, or use the calculator, create a blog, photos or create short video clips for presentations. These could teach children how researchers or documentary makers work. Mobile phone functions are also useful in learning languages, maths, creative writing, art and obtaining feedback easily and quickly about their projects. In the US teachers are actively encouraged to use the latest mobile phone technology in their classrooms and some states are training their school staff on how best to use them as part of their teaching.

Futurelab conclude that the key thing to ensure is that mobile phones are integrated in engaging, collaborative and productive ways into existing learning environments, infrastructure and the curriculum.

Futurelab is an independent not-for-profit organisation committed to developing creative and innovative approaches to education, teaching and learning. They achieve this through a mixture of research, events, school development and resources across the UK and internationally.


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