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Updated Free Financial Teaching Resources from NatWest

Monday 26th September 2011

Aimed at students aged 11-19, MoneySense for Schools offers fun interactive activities and a wide range of video clips to engage students and promote discussion about personal finances. In the current financial climate, more and more pupils are interested in learning about how banks work, and how to manage their own finances. When you visit the NatWest MoneySense website you’ll find new interactive activities, quizzes and case studies, a daily newsfeed with topical stories about personal finance, student testimonials and drama videos, downloadable fact files and activity sheets, supporting teachers’ notes, lesson plans and curriculum links, and a student tracking system so teachers can set up lesson packages and monitor their students’ progress.

If you are looking for impartial, ready-made resources or activities to integrate as part of your own lesson plans, you will find what you need on the MoneySense for Schools website.  You’ll find information about how to manage your money, setting up bankaccounts, the different ways to make payments, how branches work and what budgeting is. You can also find resources to help you teach your pupils about borrowing and lending, APRs and debt, which is a very topical subject right now. There are also free teaching resources on how to plan financially for their future and manage their savings, especially if they are thinking of leaving home and starting college or work. There are plenty of great top tips on safe ways to look after your money when you’re travelling, getting the most out of your savings, and how to avoid getting into debt.

The MoneySense for Schools programme is easy to deliver by all teachers and they don’t need to be financial experts. The site has a range of stimulating materials to keep students interested in finance, from short video clips of young people discussing their attitudes to money, to interactive activities simulating real-life decisions that they’ll have to make about their money.  

Register online for access to more features such as in-depth teachers’ notes, student tracking system and to receive email updates about the MoneySense programme. Find out more about MoneySense on the Natwest MoneySense website.




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