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Tools for Creating and Sharing Content Online to Support Teaching and Learning

Friday 18th May 2012

Firstly, Jux offers tools for creating, presenting and sharing content that encourages creativity. This may be of interest to secondary school teachers whether ICT specialists or those teachers who want to make inspiring use of ICT to support their own subject and area of specialism. Secondly, SpiderScribe may very well be of interest to primary school teachers in Upper Key Stage 2 and secondary teachers at KS3 and KS4 whether ICT specialists or looking for tools that can support teaching and learning across different areas of the curriculum.

Create Content and Share Ideas with Jux

Posts on Jux involve different genres, sizes and colours. These choices can be used to create dramatic and varied posts. Images, text and film can all be combined to create content. There are multiple examples of what can be created using Jux and these could offer inspiration to teachers who want to make greater use of ICT in their classroom and teaching. Jux is an ideal tool for developing creativity and expressing ideas. With the popularity of social media and ways in which content is created and presented, this website offers a different perspective and approach by enabling the production of whole-page creations.

Mind-Mapping Online

Some pupils may find that they need to visually organise ideas, information and notes. SpiderScribe is an online mind-mapping tool that can be used to organise ideas by connecting together different resources. Images, text and notes as well as files can all be placed into the mind maps that this website enables you to create. A great feature of this online application is that mind maps are stored ‘in the cloud’ so can be accessed from any PC that has an internet connection. This website offers the capacity for collaborative development of mind maps. There is also a great deal of potential for cross-curricular application.




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