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The Floating Garden Challenge - STEM Activity

Thursday 13th December 2012

Practical Action

If you are looking for a great hands-on STEM activity take a look at Practical Action’s Floating Garden Challenge, designed for ages 7-19.

The problem: In Bangladesh land is frequently flooded as a result of climate change, ruining crops grown for food.  The result is that families go hungry.

The Challenge: To design and make a model solution to the problem that will enable farmers to grow crops even when the land is flooded.

Students  test their models to see which one holds the most weight when floated in water then look at how Practical Action has worked with communities in Bangladesh to build floating gardens out of local, sustainable material…. an example of technology justice in action.

Resources to help you deliver the challenge are free and include a PowerPoint, teacher’s notes, student worksheets, certificates and a beautiful A2 poster which you can request free.  All materials are available in English and Welsh.

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