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The Education Reform and White Paper Causes a Storm in Schools

Posted by on Monday 31 January 2011 in , &

The announcment of the introduction of free schools, new academies, a total overhaul of the national curriculum, and teacher training reforms, many people will be wondering how exactly our education system became so bad that it now requires these drastic measures.

Many teachers are understandably panicking about their jobs and futures in education as well as the propsed changes to the curriculum they currently teach. One wonders also how to understand the changes to who governs and controls the school budget, from healthy school dinners to IT equipment, not forgetting the completely new examinations and qualifications that students now have to sit ie. the new Baccalaureate style exam.

Despite the ensuing chaos that Michael Gove has kicked off in his decisive and slightly shocking manner surely if this country was churning out underqualified, illiterate, and lazy students directly into the workplace any improvement on this should call a halt to the UKs reputation for substandard education.

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