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Technology Changes The Way International Teachers Are Recruited

Tuesday 20th November 2012

Ten years ago if you wanted to land a job with an international school you had only one of two choices – get yourself to an interview in London or Boston often at great expense with no guarantees of success – or interview over the phone.

“Neither of these were very good options for the vast majority of teachers”, said Diane Jacoutot, General Manager of Teachanywhere , a recruitment company specialising in the placement of teachers into international schools, “You could attend a recruitment fair which often felt more like a speed date than an interview and they cost a lot of money to attend.”

Or you could speak on the phone but it’s far more difficult to make a good impression and harder to get an accurate picture of those for whom you will be working.

Now enter the age of technology.

“It’s all changed with the widespread emergence of Skype”, said Mrs Jacoutot, “Skype is free and with it every teacher can interview for a job abroad from the comfort of his or her home.  It’s preferred by most of our clients, schools from places as diverse as Kazakhstan, Nigeria, Kuwait and Switzerland use it regularly. It saves them time and money and allows more staff members to be involved in the interview. You find more panel interviews which enables a more well considered hiring decision.”


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