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Teach Pupils About the History of American Independence Day

Monday 4th July 2011

Find out all about the history and traditions of Independence Day, the day the original thirteen American states claimed their independence from Britain. On July 4, 1776 members of the Second Continental Congress meeting in Philadelphia adopted the final draft of the Declaration of Independence, but it wasn’t until 1777 when the War of Independence ended that the 4th of July became a day to celebrate and by 1941 it became a holiday for Americans.

The Declaration of Independence itself has become one of the most copied political documents of all time. It was written by Thomas Jefferson and revised by John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, and Jefferson. It is a philosophical statement and affirms that since all people are creatures of God, or nature, they have certain natural rights, or liberties, that cannot be violated.

Teaching your pupils about Independence Day can be incorporated into a wide range of subjects including Citizenship, History, Primary Curriculum themes, celebrations and assemblies too.


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