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Teach Children the Importance of Clean Water in PSHE (PHSE) Lessons

Tuesday 28th June 2011

Celebrate the warm summer weather by getting your pupils to find out all about drinking water and how vital it is for life and living. Teach children that in some countries water isn’t as plentiful as it is here in the UK, and that some drought-stricken countries are still in dire need of clean drinking water to prevent diseases. Use these resources to teach your class about how people cope in countries where water is scarce, and all about conserving water in their own homes too. WaterAid has some free teaching resources available for teacher’s to download and use, for example, in their PSHE lessons about what a difference their campaigns make to help the children living in villages in Ethiopia, Ghana or Nepal.

In Madagascar, not having access to clean water and sanitation is a terrible problem. Valy used to have to walk for miles to get water for her family, which was dirty and unsafe to drink. Now she and her classmates have clean water close by and somewhere safe and hygienic to go to the toilet.

Valy  says, "I have learned that every time you leave the loo, you wash your hands, and you have to wash your hands before eating, too. The loo is clean now and there is no dirt around it."!

Check out the free resources on the WaterAid UK website and interactive games too. Kids can have a lot of fun taking aim with Turdlywinks, or learn more about conserving water in their own homes with the online water conservation game. Or you can play a cartoon-style game working out how to help the villagers in Ethiopia, Ghana or Nepal solve their water supply problems.

Educate pupils about technologies used to pump and save water by downloading these fantastic and colourful posters all about: the rope pump; the ventilated improved pit (VIP) latrine; the composting latrine and Gulper and Hunkin technology.

Visit WaterAids website to access the free PSHE teaching resources.


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