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Freebies from M&S and Cursive Writing

Friday 2nd March 2012

We've posted up details about a set of resources that contain something new and different comes courtesy of Marks and Spencer. They provide a great range of teaching plans and worksheets for schools, especially linking to Design and Technology. The modern twist comes in the form of an e-seminar programme that Marks and Spencer have launched, that any school can participate in. This offers an interactive discussion with experts in certain topics without having to leave the classroom!  This excellent lesson idea that utilises technology will definitely ensure the students are engaged.

Yet another resource that makes use of the technology we have today comes via Cursive Writing. As well as offering exercise sheets for teachers, the website gives challenges that test the knowledge and skill of pupils in KS1 English that are learning handwriting. One of the challenges entails finding a font on a PC that creates joined text, so that pupils can see and interact with the visual side of handwriting, and could be used for displays, etc. 


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