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Sun Safety Teaching Resources for Schools

Wednesday 13th July 2011

Everyone isaware of the damaging effects of the sun on our skin, and children’s youngskin is particularly vulnerable. Most schools follow the guidance issued in 2006that recommend that school children apply sun cream before they go to school inthe morning and make sure they take something to cover up with when outside, aswell as a sun hat that covers the back of their necks. However, many parentscomplain that schools will not allow their children to take their own sun creamto school with them in order to reapply it because of allergies. This could leadto some children suffering sun burn or even sun stroke if they have any lengthylessons outside during the peak UV times or during sports days too. Teachers caneducate their pupils about the danger of the summer sun using some of many freeteaching resources found online.

Skin thathas been damaged in the sun by UVA or UVB rays can develop cancer and it is thisrisk that applying sun cream or covering up bare skin can help to guard against.Sun cream for younger children should have a high SPF (Sun Protection Factor)and you can even buy clothing that has SPF factor weave cloth too. You can alsoencourage pupils to stay in the shade during play and lunch breaks to reduce therisk of sunburn.

There areplenty of free teaching resources about the risk of cancer that you can find onthe MacMillan Cancertalk website here.


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