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Step Up! International Offer a Free Resource for Teachers

Tuesday 4th October 2011

Step Up! International is the UK’s leading self harm training and consultancy provider for schools and the education sector. The company offers advice, support and help to teachers on how to educate young people about the dangers of self harm.

Step Up! International specialise in helping teachers learn how to support and recognise the symptoms of self harm in their pupils, as well as how to teach them to understand why they may be self-harming, and how to deal with the pressures, or manage the issues that are the underlying cause.  By raising awareness of the issue in schools, teachers will be able to help youngsters resist and recover their confidence, and create a more understanding environment for the student to exist in.

Self harm is on the increase in the UK, but it’s not a mental illness, and can involve both young people as well as adults. If you’d like to find out more about the best ways in which to inform your pupils and other young people about the issues surrounding self-harm, simply sign up to the Step Up International mailing list and download the free report called “10 Surefire Ways of Self Harm Help for Teachers” from their website. It offers self harm help and self harm awareness for teachers and educators.


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