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Snow Struck Schools Benefit from Dedicated Teachers

Wednesday 8th December 2010

As snow and ice swept across the UK last week, a few dedicated teachers donned their wellies and trudged for miles in freezing conditions to help keep schools open, much to the disappointment of their pupils.

Cuddington Croft Primary School in Cheam believes it is the only school that managed to stay open every day last week. Deputy headteacher James Brown said many teachers were forced to ditch their cars and walk in from Epsom, Worcester Park and Wallington. Even then only 50 percent of staff and pupils made it in on Wednesday and Thursday.

He said: “We are very proud that we remained opened through such adverse weather and we could not have done this without the great efforts and commitment of our staff.”

Other areas of the UK suffered badly lastweek, with schools across the north east of England, and practically most of Scotland are closed, the few that manage to stay open throughout the downfalls should be proud of their efforts. Yesterday it was reported that 123 pupils and staff in a Lanarkshire school were forced to spend the night in makeshift dormitories after becoming trapped by the weather conditions, including some nursery age children as young as three and four.

The Hamilton school principal Margaret Clarke said people slept well and everyone "had been amazing". She added that it had been fortunate the college’s catering manager was one of the people stuck because she was able provide cooked meals to the dozens stranded. Ms Clarke said the nursery children who stayed overnight were "amazing". She explained: "We had a number of nursery children here - many were eventually collected, but two were with us all night."They were great, they fell asleep at about 6.30pm and had a good night’s sleep.

"It’s testament to the nursery staff that they were so relaxed and at ease staying away from home."


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