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Schools & Teachers Given Back the Power to Discipline

Monday 4th April 2011

Spot checks by Ofsted, legal powers to remove disruptive students from class, and the abolition of the current no-touch policy, are some of the latest changes in the daily management of schools and pupils, announced by Michael Gove. As well as the ability to press criminal charges, heads will be able to temporarily or permanently exclude pupils who make false allegations. Currently, teachers can be suspended at the word of a pupil and, as Mr Gove pointed out the worst offenders know they can take advantage of this. A 2009 survey showed that a quarter of all teachers had faced false allegations.

Also soon to be scrapped is the need for schools to give parents 24 notice of after-school detention. Headteachers will also be able to discipline children who misbehave outside school premises and outside school hours. A new Expert Advisor, Charlie Taylor has been appointed too. As the headteacher of the Willows School, west London he specialises in behavioural and emotionally difficult children. He said: “For far too long, teachers have been buried under guidance and reports on how to tackle bad behaviour,” said Mr Taylor. “I am determined to make sure I help schools put policy into practice. I want teachers to be able to do their job without lessons being disrupted and schools to feel confident when they address behaviour issues.”


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