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Schools are Closed Throughout the UK as Snow Falls

Monday 29th November 2010

The BBC reports that hundreds of schools are shut in Scotland,Northern Ireland, the north-east of England and Cornwall, with ice andheavy snow causing travel chaos. As the cold weather sweeps down fromScotland and Northumberland, to cover the rest of the UK, many primaryand some secondary schools, have been forced remain closed after theweekend. Higher ground in Wales has particularly hit hard with snowdrifts and ice affecting travel too. Advice from local authorities,state that travellers should be wary of driving on untreated roads andtake warm clothes, a snow shovel and a flask with them. Many main roadsare reported to be treacherous up and down the country.

This week has seen some of the lowest temperatures ever recordedin some towns and cities for November, and the freeze is likely tocontinue for a few more days. Parents have been asked to listen to localradio bulletins to find out if and when their children’s schools willopen later in the week.


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